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photo Orchid on Red Bank

Wild flower Management in Wednesfield North

Here in Wednesfield North we have two principle wild flower sites that I have discovered.

There is a site in the Ashmore Park itself, and the other one is in Kitchen Lane on Green Open Space what we called as kids ‘The Red Bank’.

I have been asking City Council about the management plans for these sites, but mainly about the ‘Red Bank’ site.

City Officials have responded by stating  “The basic maintenance for all our wild flower meadows is that the grass is left to grow until late August and then the areas are cut dried and the clipping collected whereby they are either used for introducing other projects to different areas or they are disposed of by the contractor.

Depending on the nature of the site, arising’s on some environmental  areas are cut and left on sire to re generate but Kitchen lane o/s is supported by a local professor and so it has great interest in what grows there.

Also, we have interest from our neighbouring council, Walsall, in which they have requested that they can have access to the wild flower zone next year to support a new project in their town.

Again, depending on the nature of the environmental area, following the initial grass cut in August, the grass is either left until the following season or the plot is mown as per our normal programme of grass cutting until the end of the season and then left again to grow and flower until  the next august period.”

I still have some questions and I am engaged with the city officials, and will report on any further information

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Wednesfield North Ward is Changing!

Wednesfield North Ward is changing! Here is how the geography is altering and how the sale of land owned by the Authority will continue to change the topography of the Ward.

A garage site Snape Road Site B between number 84 -86 Snape road was sold on the 15th January 2015.

The land at Bargery Road Garage site (HS0197), on Ashmore Park is currently up for sale.

There are a number of similar garage sites across Ashmore Park & Wednesfield North that will also be considered for sale by the Authority. I am waiting to hear more about these sites.

21 homes in total have gained planning permission in Wednesfield North Ward since April 2012, of which 15 had been built as of January 2015.


The sites in question are:

Land adjacent to 163 Linthouse Lane (1 house – completed)
Former Garage Site To Rear Of 19 And 21 Phillips Avenue * (4 bungalows – full permission) AM
Garage site to rear of 2 to 6 Wolmer Road * (1 dwelling – outline permission)
Garage Site to rear of 30 to 36 Bargery Road * (1 bungalow – outline permission)
Linthouse Inn, Linthouse Lane (12 houses – completed) AM
Land Adjacent To 5 Parker Road * (1 house – completed) AM
82 Lower Prestwood Road  (2 bedsits – completed)


The sale of land and the consequent construction of new homes is to be welcomed considering the housing shortage that is prevalent in Wolverhampton.

There was a Wednesfield North PACT meeting last night, Tuesday at the Hub on Ashmore Park. The meeting was not particularly well attended. Both Councillor Rita Potter and I were a little late attending due to the fact that we had been delivering Labour literature for the City & Parliamentary elections on Coppice Farm Estate.

The meeting again chose to have speeding and ASB at the bottom shops as amongst its priorities.  It would be good to have the Local Police Crime Plan presented so that residents can have sight of the higher priorities that are being suggested to combat crime over a larger strategic area.

Wednesfield North continues to be a ‘low crime area’.